Sea Water -Cooled Rack Unit


The ARMANIK project roadmap consists of five principal stages:
1. Project Kick-Off
In this phase we plan your project and lay the foundations for successful implementation. We make and share the strategic decisions that are crucial to your project:
• Define your system goals and objectives
• Clarify the scope of the system
• Define your project schedule, budget plan, and execution sequence
• Establish the project organization, including representatives from your organization

2. System Preliminary Design
In this phase we deliver the Single Line Diagrams and supporting Heat Load Calculations to ensure that the design will meet your specified needs. If vessel modifications are made during this stage, we modify the HVAC-R design accordingly.
3. System Detailed Execution
With your agreement on the preliminary design, in this phase the team prepares all the supporting detailed engineering work:
• Equipment Diagrams
• Special Equipment Designs
• Complete Equipment Lists
• Hot Water/Chilled Water Diagrams
• Detailed calculations to ensure that the system conforms to acceptable levels of pressure drops, noise, and vibration
• 3D drawings available
During this phase we also deliver the actual equipment and ducting that make up your system and, if desired, we install the HVAC-R system or oversee the installation. We also manufacture any equipment that is required to meet your needs and conduct Factory Acceptance Tests in our premises to certify that the equipment meets the highest standards.

4. System Final Preparation
It’s at this point that we deliver training, as well as conduct the required testing and commissioning. It is critical to train maintenance personnel to protect your investment. We offer instruction at our training facilities on both system and special equipment for operators, crew and shore maintenance personnel. Testing and Commissioning is complete and rigorous. It includes both Harbor and Sea Acceptance Tests.
5. Ship Launch & Support
In this phase ARMANIK supports you to ensure that your HVAC-R system is operating efficiently. Our warrantees mean that you are well protected. We offer outstanding after-sales support on every continent through our global support network

Sea Water -Cooled Rack Unit