R.22 Replacement

What is R22 Replacement and why should I think about changing my system?

R22 is an old-style refrigerant gas previously used in air conditioning systems and other cooling equipment.

To combat the problem of the ever-increasing hole in the ozone layer, it was agreed under the terms of the Montreal Protocol that ozone-depleting substances, including CFCs and HCFCs, would be phased out globally to help stem the problem.

It is now illegal to sell equipment containing R22 gas in Europe community and USA, then many manufacturers are unable to provide even spare parts for these older systems. You are also unable to buy R22 gas in its original, untainted form although some alternatives are available; again, these alternatives are also being phased out.

With the introduction of the recent ban, equipment that still runs R22 is effectively obsolete. Those most at risk include commercial offices, hospitals, hotels, data centres and food processing facilities.

Why is R22 Replacement cheaper than replacing the entire system?

R22 replacement is a cheaper alternative to replacing the entire system as we need to replace the outside unit (condenser). In some cases, depending on the manufacturer and type of unit, you may need to replace the indoor units but not the interconnecting pipework. This upgraded system will then run on the newer, more environmentally friendly gases.

If your R22 system has been maintained and is still working correctly you can certainly benefit by pre-emptively changing to a compliant and newer R22-replacement system. Not only will this changeover be at a lower cost than a total system replacement, but you will also benefit from lower running costs and the inevitable total replacement costs that you will incur at some point in the not too distant future.

Another advantage is you can do this changeover at a time that suits you so you can plan your business activities or home life around it.
From the point of view of longevity, cost, forward-planning and long-term efficiencies, R22 replacement is the sensible choice.

How can you help me decide my best option?

We will provide a full survey by our Air Conditioning Specialists to confirm if R22 replacement is the best option for your system.

We look at the existing units to check that they are capable of handling the newer gases. Other factors that we take into account would be, for example, whether pipework was installed at the same time as the building was constructed; very often the pipework is buried in concrete or behind walls. As such, it may be easier to use the use the existing pipework.

Advanteges :

changeover be at a lower cost than a total system

Saving the time for business activities

Easy modification and fabrications 
New refrigerant is better for the environment.
Some alternative refrigerants has the closest capability to R-22 with similar energy proficiency
The lower discharge temperature extends the life of the equipment
The new refrigerant is less flammable
The new refrigerant has a wide range of applications
Compatibility with new refrigeration components
Maintaining the current R22 equipment will be more difficult and costly, as spares parts become more scarce and expensive


Some of  alternative refrigerants offer do not an exact match to the thermal properties of R22 which could result in reduced capacity and efficiency
The systems are older and prone to breakdown until after R.22 retrofit.
 Replacing the gas is no guarantee that the system will continue to run efficiently or reliably
May be need to change seals & oil and some of  other component during retrofit

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