KARANEH KISH Residential Complex

KARANEH KISH 1 , Owned By BASAK Co, Is located On Kish Island. ARMANIK Was Responsible For The Engineering, Supply and Commissioning of The Fresh Air  Systems' as Follows :

  •  9 Luxury Residential/Commercial Block 


Technical challenges (among other contractors)

Vulnerability requirements for certain systems

Sound level restrictions

Incompatibility of new equipment and control system with some existing equipment

Time schedule limit

HSE regulations

Low Installation Space 



Scope of work


ARMANIK’s scope of work for the above project comprised:



Co-writing technical specifications and implementing and calculating of load the HVAC system within the building and process design,site visit and general arrengement.



Complete design and engineering of the HVAC systems, followed by delivery, installation, commissioning, FAT, SAT, ITP activities.


System and process was constructed by BASAK Co  in Kish Island of Iran .


Scope of supply

Among several smaller items of equipment, the following main equipment was supplied.
2 x Air cooled packaged unit with control panel.
9 x Air Handling unit.

9 × Different Type Condensing Unit


KARANEH KISH Residential Complex