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Armanik Industry was established in 2009 with the intension of aggressive and efficient marketing of various industrial and commercial products and services, particularly in the field of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, with high and competitive quality. Our competitiveness is based on customer focused products and solutions for a various range of Industrial and Commercial applications. Marketing focused operations backed with years of experience in business have been the driving forces of this company. Our personnel are well educated and trained, continually striving for improvement Management takes customer satisfaction issues very seriously, and our personnel are competent, motivated and committed to assess and address all marketing-related aspects of our operation.

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The 20th Iran International Installation HVAC&R Exhibition IHE2021

ARMANIK participated in the 20th Iran international installation HVAC&R exhibition from the 19~22th October 2021 Tehran,Iran

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From Design to Development

At  Armanik we do not simply sell products, we provide better solutions : identifying, addressing and responding to the specific needs of each client.